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Showcase News

The 6th annual Athletic Republic Prep Showcase will take place on November 20th, 2017. We will build on the tremendous success of last years’ showcase. Each athlete will be showcasing their talents during two 1-hour games attended by 30+ prep school hockey coaches.

Throughout the day, players and parents will be invited to a fair where they will be able to meet and gather information from the school’s who will be present.

Applications will be accepted from any boy or girl born in 2000,2001 and 2002 that is interested in attending  prep school.

We will also feature a ’2003 all-star game which is an invite-only event.

This annual event has  grown into a remarkable opportunity for young athletes in and around Quebec, and we will continue to work for you in years to come.

Cost for the showcase is $300.00 and is non-refundable. Player registration will not be confirmed until reception of the registration form and full payment.

Best of luck to all participants!!!

Participating Schools



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  Success Stories

  • John Bews – Saint Paul’s
  • Roberto Cellini – Hotchkiss
  • Chris Chaddock – Wyoming Seminary
  • Francis Chouchani – Ontario Hockey Academy
  • David Cyr – Hoosac School
  • Carl-Eric Demers – Hebron Academy
  • Jeremy Descheneaux – Stanstead College
  • Sebastien Dunn – Kimball Union Academy
  • Eric Farmer – Brooks School
  • Jonathan Forese – Ontario Hockey Academy
  • Peter Housakos – St. Mark’s School
  • Evan Korizis – Hotchkiss School
  • Adam Lee – St. Mark’s School
  • Matthew Legler – Canterbury School
  • Ben Luz – Holderness School
  • Anthony Petrov – Hebron Academy
  • Felix Picard – Ontario Hockey Academy
  • J.D. Pogue – Canterbury School
  • Spencer Shelton – St. George’s School
  • Vimal Sukumaran – Salisbury School
  • Chris Thanapoulos – Hebron Academy
  • Nicolas Van Aelst – St. Paul’s School
  • Marc Michaels – Holderness School
  • Chris Chaddock – Wyoming Seminary
  • Evan Korizis – Hotchkiss Schoo
  • Jake Robertson-Lawrenceville
  • Noah Medalsy-Millbrook
  • Matt Efros-Groton
  • Drew Guerrero-Canterbury
  • Jacob Dupont-Exeter
  • Peter Konidis-Millbrook
  • Jeremy Wilson-Trinity Pawling
  • Logan Clarke-Holderness
  • Marshall Rifai- Hotchkiss
  • Tommy Tanner-Kent
  • James Roberts-Bridgton
  • Cory Ellerton-Bridgton
  • Alex Torris Gill-Ontario Hockey Academy
  • Connor Butler-Hebron
  • Massimo Luciani-Millbrook
  • Luka Piccolo-Millbrook
  • Matt Marcantonio-Hotchkiss
  • Jake Massie-Kimball Union
  • Jonathan Porecca-Hotchkiss
  • Leah Christine Demers-King Edge Hill School
  • Henri Bishop-Deerfield Academy
  • Alex Klitirinos-Kent School
  • Andrew Rinaldi-Kent School
  • Tyus Tummings-Vermont Academy
  • Simon Boisvert-Millbrook School
  • Phil Gilmour-Hebron Academy
  • Chris Theodore-Hotchkiss School
  • Sean Thompson-Kimbell Union Academy
  • Johm Michael Digregorio-Taft school
  • Michael Fiorini-Westminster School
  • Nicholas Iliopoulos-Wyoming Seminary
  • Jack Legler-Phillips Academy Andover
  • Louis-Philippe Desrosier-Tabor Academy
  • Ben Masella-Deerfield Academy
  • Jordan Michaud-St. Paul’s School
  • Sean Murray-Holderness School
  • Michael Nante-St.Mark’s School
  • Matthew Van Aelst-St.Paul’s School
  • Keely McGann-The Gunnery
  • Phillip Gilmour-Hebron Academy
  • Henry Bishop-Deerfield
  • Nicholas Illiopolous-Wyoming Seminary
  • Tasso Housakos-Westminister School
  • Jonathan Schmidt-Hebron Academy
  • Thomas Gale- Deerfield Academy
  • Luc Grainger- Hebron Academy
  • Costa Tzougarakis- The Hotchkiss School
  • Tommy Eliopoulos- Millbrook School
  • Shawn Bedard- Canterbury School
  • Harley Michaels- Holderness School
  • Shayne McGrath- Northwood School
  • Conor Shannon- Philips Exeter Academy
  • Anthony Savignac- Kents Hill School
  • Alexandre Toueg- Kents Hill School
  • Yoan Ferland- Hoosac School
  • Hubert Bourque- St. Paul’s School
  • Chris Dedeyan- Stanstead College
  • Alex Gagnon- Holderness School
  • Liam Calder- Groton School
  • Jake Gagnon- Millbrook School
  • Amy Zunenshine- North Field Mount Hermon
  • Guillaume Hebert- The Hunn School
  • Brayden Morris- Brewster Academy
  • Benjamin Allard-Robitaille- Loomis Chaffee School
  • Zachari Trepanier- Hebron Academy
  • Cameron Weitzman- Tilton School
  • Cory Morris- New Hampton School
  • Isiah Fox- Holderness School
  • Kosta Sotiropoulos- Tabor Academy
  • Anthony Lemieux- Upper Canada College
  • Pier-Olivier Lefebvre- Upper Canada College
  • Xavier Gravel- Wyoming Seminary
  • Guillaume Sercia- Rice Memorial
  • Gino Antonucci- Hotchkiss School
  • Raphael Provencher- Brewster Academy
  • Frederic Labbe- Lawrenceville School
  • Max Dumas- St. Paul’s School
  • Marc-Antoine Valence- Kents Hill School
  • Samuel Jalbert- Kents Hill School
  • Charles Drolet- The Winchendon School
  • Thomas Zourikian- Deerfield Academy
  • Antoine Lefebvre- Hoosac School