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Hockey Programs

Athletic Republic is the industry leader in Hockey performance training—a systematic progression of hockey training programs appropriate for all ages. The programs are embedded with the science of properly developing hockey players, while safely taking them past their limits. It’s the application of increasing a hockey player’s stride frequency, stride length, skating mechanics, conditioning, power output, shot velocity, puck control and dynamic stability.
And we consistently deliver meaningful on-ice results:

  • 50% improvement in rate of recovery
  • 20 % greater leg strength
  • 33% improvement in foot speed
  • 2” increase in vertical power – increased explosive power
  • 200% increase in EMG (electrical signal to muscles) skating musculature

Athletic Republic Hockey prides itself on speed and separation, knowing that in the “new” NHL (and at every other league, at every other level), speed and power dictate success. That is why, at Athletic Republic Hockey, we provide our players a program specifically designed to “Light the Lamp.”

At Athletic Republic, our science-based Hockey Training is divided into several different program offerings to meet the demands of the athlete and their training and competition schedule. Programs are separated into pre-season, in-season team training and off-season programs, and include training camps and holiday clinics. In all the programs, each athlete is tested at periodic intervals to track their progress.


Acceleration: 20 sessions, pre/post test/ 12 hockey treadmill skates, 6 plyometric/speed/agility sessions, 18 strength session


In season training one/two times a week. Consist of hockey treadmill, plyometrics and strength. Different maintenance programs: 10 session, 22 session, 50 sessions

Team Training

In season training for a complete team of 16-18 players. Each session is 75 minutes. Consist of hockey treadmill/plyometrics/ strength workout