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Football Programs

Darren McFadden, Shaun Alexander and Logan Mankins have all used our science-based, position-specific sports training protocols and proprietary equipment to improve their games. Athletic Republic helps athletes from youth leagues to the pros improve their speed, power, agility and playmaking skills. We take football training far beyond the weight room, to a place where ground-breaking assessment tools, integrated video and performance management software provide an rock-solid framework for developing and evaluating the capabilities of today’s football player.
The structure of an individual’s football-training program starts with the athlete’s physical development. Football training for pre-pubescent athletes focuses on developing coordination, agility and speed since muscle mass develops later in a young athlete’s life. The foundation of any sound athlete development program includes mastery of fundamental movement skills.
All our training programs are designed to be position-specific, as the physical demands of playing wide receiver versus offensive tackle are very different. No matter the level of competition, our programs are designed to give serious football players an advantage on the field – to create separation or create a gap to make plays – and do it as well in the fourth quarter as in the first.
Athletic Republic gives you a crucial competitive advantage. Our proprietary equipment helps our trainers create an environment that gets you further, faster. “Our Super Treadmill is a proven training tool that safely takes the athlete beyond what they can do on the ground,” says Athletic Republic’s Chief Science and Technology Officer Steve Swanson. “The feedback provided verbally by our certified trainers, and visually through mirrors and video, contributes to an improved stride and greater running efficiency in just a few weeks.”
More than 500 NFL players, like Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden, have relied on Athletic Republic and its trainers to manage their workouts, hone their running mechanics and improve their speed.