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Plyo Floor

The Plyo Floor is a cushioned floor that maximizes quickness and explosiveness while improving dynamic stability. The AccuPower force platform adds the ability to measure your power output and your stability during single leg hops coupled with resistance cords, this floor is a potent development tool for dramatically improving powerful movement, expanding your movement base and developing dynamic stability.

Plyo Press

The Plyo Press allows you to train for explosive power below and above body weight, using an exclusive loading pattern that minimizes stress on your joints and back while maximizing explosive performance. You safely build leg strength and quickness. DeDe Dorsey of the 2007 Super Bowl Indianapolis Colts used this machine to build quickness and power for on-field speed.

Pro Multi-Hip

The Pro Multi-Hip improves the strength of key muscles of the abdominals and hips, important but often-overlooked muscles that are essential for improved performance. It accommodates athletes from 5-foot to 7-foot tall, and resistance can be set from less than 15 pounds for lateral movement patterns, to 375 pounds for dynamic power movements.