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Hockey Treadmill

The Hockey Treadmill, coupled with your trainer and the mirror in which you can see your progress, sets you up to play at game speed for a longer period with more power and agility than your opponent. It’s the perfect ice-like surface, designed to train you from the inside out—neurologically, metabolically and biomechanically—so that you can become a more efficient skater. You train in your skates, just as if you were on ice.

Our scientific research shows that incline treadmill skating recruits key muscles at a level two to three times higher than rink skating at the same stride frequency, which helps you produce more power during each stride, during both push-off and recovery. We continually test your progress and help you refine your stride. The treadmill also allows us to safely take you beyond what you can do on the ice—so you learn to skate faster and improve your efficiency and conditioning. This translates to success on the ice.